Graphic Design Training in Benin City|Burujtech Solutions.

Graphic Design-Overview

A dull website will recieve fewer viewers, add to that are screaming font colors and camouflage words that are hard to read.Who will stay long in this kind of websites?

Here at Burujtech solutions we have mastered the art of what is attainable globally on what catches the viewers attension.We put into use the latest graphic design tools/softwares to help you with your graphic design needs.

We offer graphic design training and custom graphic design services for business.We will teach how to design colourful fliers, banners and Logos.Enroll with us and take advantage of this opportunity now




  • Design of Flyers

    Whether it's for advertising, notices for campaign materials and the likes, our design will definitely stand out.Take advantage of this training now.
  • Design of Banners

    This is ideal for synage, maketing campaigns and advertisement, our customers friendly banners are always a knock-out. Join us today and learn more
  • Design of Logos

    Creating visual representative of your company brand is our expertise. Our logo design depict 100% of our client's company trademark.You can be part of our training today.
  • Why Study With Us

    See how we intend making your training worthwhile

    Effective Training

    Our curricullum are practical based. Our tuotors share thier experience and best practices, something you won't get anywhere else.

    Student Support

    It could be frustrating learning a course and forgetting it.We ensure that our student have the neccessary support and backup they need.We give our students an opportunity for a refresher course at no cost.

    Course Ware

    We give out detailed lesson notes and reference text both hard and soft copy so that you can return home with sufficeient confidence in learning.

    Learn Graphic Design

    Total duration is8 WEEKS for ₦30,000.


    Discount is applicable, terms and conditions apply.